IT’S A BOY!!!!!!

So much has happened since we’ve last blogged, mostly a TON of paperwork has been filled out and sent off.  We also completed three homestudy visits which went very well, and the homestudy approval should be completed and mailed off (with our first set of immigration paperwork) next week.  So the paperchase is in full swing and seems to be pretty much on track!  Sorry for the lack of updates!  Paperwork…while essential to the adoption process…just didn’t seem very interesting to write/read about!  But a HUGE thank you to all of our sweet friends who have donated and have helped us meet all of our financial goals thus far.  PRAISE GOD!!!!

Ok people, now for the AWESOME news!!!!  On February 19th, I found myself on our adoption agency’s (CCAI) website looking at Waiting Child profiles.  Children are only placed on websites as Waiting Children if they don’t match the requests (age, gender, special needs) of current waiting families.  We’ve known all along that we may find our baby on this site, but we assumed we would instead wait for CCAI to place us with a child who matched our Medical Condition Checklist after our dossier arrived in China.  We now know that God had other plans!  So, on that day I found myself drawn to a beautiful 16 month old little boy with spiky black hair and dark, soulful eyes.  I immediately texted Timothy to insist he read this little boy’s abbreviated file and see his adorable pictures.  Much to my surprise, he had not only already read all the info on Little Guy, he later said he knew immediately that this child was ours.  I got in touch with our agency and asked what we needed to do to read his entire history, aka “review his file”.  I was told that another family was considering him at the moment, but if they decided not to adopt him then we would be able to see his information. 

Two days later, February 21st at 5:39pm, his file was in my possession.  His special need is bladder exstrophy (meaning he was born with his bladder on the outside of his body and turned inside out) which is something I knew nothing about at the time and have learned a whole lot about since.  He had his first extensive surgery at 10 months old, but will need at least one other surgery in the future.  Because of his need, he has not physically progressed like the average 17 month old (he is not crawling, pulling up, walking, etc. yet).  We had his file and pictures reviewed by two pediatricians and a local pediatric urologist.  We researched the surgeries, therapies, and follow-up care Little Guy would need if he became our son.  We learned what would be expected of us as his parents.  And in this stressful process, we realized how much we already love him.  We saw in his eyes how much he needs us.  He became ours.

On Monday, March 4th at 7:31am, I sent our agency an email and set the ball in motion.  That same day at 10:52am I received an email back CONGRATULATING US ON OUR NEW SON!!!!!!!!  Lots of paperwork has been filled out and filed since that day, but the most important paper was the pre-approval (from the CCCWA in China) we received on 3/19 that states we can send Little Guy care packages and talk about his placement publicly.  SO…it is with great excitement and anticipation that we share our awesome news with our sweet friends!  The journey to get him home will be long (still 12-18 months estimated start to finish) and bumpy (still lots of money to raise).  But anything worth having is worth working hard for, and our family is willing to do anything it takes to get our Little Guy home!

And stay tuned…one more big announcement still to come!  😉


2 thoughts on “IT’S A BOY!!!!!!

  1. I am so excited for you guys!!!! So neat to watch everything come together!!! Praying for u guys and little guy(:

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