His Story – Piper Blayke Roush

Timothy and I have been married almost 18 years and have 3 biological children. Our adoption journey began with a single prayer that, once answered, changed our lives forever. This prayer simply asked God to break our hearts for what breaks His and to rise up in us a holy passion. We adopted our youngest […]

Meet Finley Harper Roush

Timothy, Carson, Parker, Emerson, Hayes, Baylor, and I are proud to announce…WE HAVE PRE-APPROVAL FOR OUR BABY GIRL!!!!!!! Just like we’ve come to expect over the past 3 years, she came to us in a completely different way than we had planned…and yet EXACTLY the way He planned all along. Here is our story… On […]

Fundraising – Ugh!

Warning – incredibly raw and honest post to follow. You may wonder why our family has chosen to adopt another child so soon after adopting our boys. We are returning to China to adopt our precious daughter because once you’ve seen the things we’ve seen and know the things we know, you can’t pretend like […]

Our New Normal

Our first year home got harder before it got better. I could tell so many stories of brokenness manifested, both through our boys and through their imperfect parents and siblings. I lived in a very dark place those first six months, a place that felt very much like the heaviness that hit me in that […]


The last battle was had to fight was a big one…a van ride back to the Guangzhou airport, a flight back to Seoul, a FIVE HOUR LAYOVER, and a 13.5 hour flight home. We knew this would be tricky, but there was no other way. The boys actually did pretty well at the Korean airport…that […]

Travel Group Pictures

We absolutely LOVED the people who we got to go on this journey with. Some of these couples will be our friends for life. These are the famous couch pictures. This tradition started when adoptive families all used to stay at the Swan Hotel on Shamian Island. Guides would prop all of the cooing little […]